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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Times on the Cheap #1

Having fun when you're unemployed is kind of an art form: you don't want to go anywhere you have to spend money. That means that whenever possible, it's no cover, no expenses, no extras. (Even gas gets pricey, but it's LA. What are you going to do?)

I recently scored tickets to the finale of American Idol, where some friends and I had front-row seats to an fantastic show, rubbed elbows with celebs, and just generally had an awesome day...FOR FREE. If you're living in LA, or even NY for that matter, most locals don't even think about going to see TV show tapings. Some fun ones tape in front of live studio audiences, and even if you don't really follow a show (I didn't follow much of this season's Idol), they can still be a kick.

I fee like I'm giving something big away here, but share the wealth, right?
I love the guys at On Camera Audiences. You can find them at http://www.ocatv.com/
but I've also used http://www.tvtix.com/
& http://www.beinamovie.com/ is also great if you have a whole weekend to spare.

-Get there early. Even earlier than you think.
-Follow the rules. If they say don't wear white, don't do it. They'll kick you out.
-Be ready. Some of the best shows I've been to have been tickets I've gotten morning-of.
But really? What else are you gonna be doing? Sleeping in?
I mean, you COULD spend that time applying to jobs or something...but why?

Have Fun!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gettin' in to that Unemploymentality?

I said I'd give myself a week.

One week, one glorious week of nothing but sunbathing and catching up on trashy TV...a celebration/self-reward for four years of 18-unit semesters and triple-job weeks...and that week quickly started looking like two when I realized that this is supposed to be the real world now. That means that unless I get into career mode, I'm going to be unemployed and homeless forever. While it seems like fun now, down the line: uh, not so much.

So I hit the streets (or electronic streets) looking for a job. In doing so, I've noticed what a lot of people have probably been noticing.
1) there aren't very many jobs out there
2) what jobs there are, SUCK
3) I can't survive in LA on what any business seems to be willing to pay
4) because there have been so many layoffs, hiring managers seem to think that jobs that were once entry-level can now require "3-5 years experience". Which is SO COOL for me. (Ugh.)

Head up, though, it's only been a month. Sure, I haven't even gotten a phone-call response thanking me for my interest in a position yet, but maybe I've just been too picky. I'm in The Zone now. There's gotta be something out there for me. For all of us grads! Dream big!

Go, Team.


Friday, May 15, 2009

Wake up call or lost cause....not sure which.

Well, here I am, less than a month out of college. The sparkle of graduation is gone and the money that came in all those cards from relatives is starting to dwindle.

That's right, I'm looking for a real job now.

As far as firsts go, I think yesterday was a pretty interesting experience. The last couple of days have been in depth attempts to find jobs online, looking everywhere from craigslist, to monster, to www.onedayonejob.com (if you haven't heard of this, go look it up right now. I can't be selfish and keep it to myself). Anyway, imagine hours and hours spent with my laptop, searching for jobs, while simultaneously watching Lifetime movies...It's bound to make you a little desperate. So, in spite of having applied to several decent jobs close to where i live, I also applied for an entry level job as a catering administrative assistant at a Marriott Hotel almost an hour away. With how much it paid, I'd have to live in my car because I would only be able to afford gas and groceries, not rent. Nevertheless, I applied online, and got a message saying that open interviews were going to be held the following afternoon, and decided if nothing else, it would be good practice. So feeling pleased that I had my first real job interview, I laid out my shiny happy interview clothes, and went to bed.

The next day, I got in my car and drove an hour to the hotel. It was in an unfortunately hot part of town, and my shiny happy interview clothes were not quite as cute by the time I arrived. I walked into the hotel and was directed to a back room, where most hotel guests don't ever get to go. It should have been exciting but it wasn't.

Now, I'm not slacker by any means, but I got to the open interview about an hour and half before they were supposed to end. I figured I'd just waited out the early birds and the people who thought they'd come interview for this job during lunch time. So, I was a little shocked to see that there were 40 people lined up waiting to be interviewed.

I stood quietly in line for a sec, weighing my options. Finally I asked the guy next to me if there was a place to sign in somewhere. "Oh, you just need to give them your resume, but they stopped signing people in for interviews about an hour ago", he replied. "How long have you been here?" I asked curiously. "Since 11:30 this morning", he sighed boredly.

I knocked on the HR door, dropped off my interview and left. It's a good thing I didn't want that job too badly. Thirty-nine other people sure did.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

We'll be back after a word...

Well, friends out there in the big, impoverished blogosphere, if you're thinking it's been a while since we've posted, you're right. We've all been crazy these past two weeks: finishing internships, looking for jobs, finals, graduation and the like.

Soooo, we're back...and more homeless and unemployed than ever! Thanks for following us, even during our little hiatus. As we blog now, direct to you from life in the "real world", we promise not to disappoint.