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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Times on the Cheap #1

Having fun when you're unemployed is kind of an art form: you don't want to go anywhere you have to spend money. That means that whenever possible, it's no cover, no expenses, no extras. (Even gas gets pricey, but it's LA. What are you going to do?)

I recently scored tickets to the finale of American Idol, where some friends and I had front-row seats to an fantastic show, rubbed elbows with celebs, and just generally had an awesome day...FOR FREE. If you're living in LA, or even NY for that matter, most locals don't even think about going to see TV show tapings. Some fun ones tape in front of live studio audiences, and even if you don't really follow a show (I didn't follow much of this season's Idol), they can still be a kick.

I fee like I'm giving something big away here, but share the wealth, right?
I love the guys at On Camera Audiences. You can find them at http://www.ocatv.com/
but I've also used http://www.tvtix.com/
& http://www.beinamovie.com/ is also great if you have a whole weekend to spare.

-Get there early. Even earlier than you think.
-Follow the rules. If they say don't wear white, don't do it. They'll kick you out.
-Be ready. Some of the best shows I've been to have been tickets I've gotten morning-of.
But really? What else are you gonna be doing? Sleeping in?
I mean, you COULD spend that time applying to jobs or something...but why?

Have Fun!