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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gettin' in to that Unemploymentality?

I said I'd give myself a week.

One week, one glorious week of nothing but sunbathing and catching up on trashy TV...a celebration/self-reward for four years of 18-unit semesters and triple-job weeks...and that week quickly started looking like two when I realized that this is supposed to be the real world now. That means that unless I get into career mode, I'm going to be unemployed and homeless forever. While it seems like fun now, down the line: uh, not so much.

So I hit the streets (or electronic streets) looking for a job. In doing so, I've noticed what a lot of people have probably been noticing.
1) there aren't very many jobs out there
2) what jobs there are, SUCK
3) I can't survive in LA on what any business seems to be willing to pay
4) because there have been so many layoffs, hiring managers seem to think that jobs that were once entry-level can now require "3-5 years experience". Which is SO COOL for me. (Ugh.)

Head up, though, it's only been a month. Sure, I haven't even gotten a phone-call response thanking me for my interest in a position yet, but maybe I've just been too picky. I'm in The Zone now. There's gotta be something out there for me. For all of us grads! Dream big!

Go, Team.