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Monday, April 13, 2009


...because "free" just tastes better.
Starving citizens of the world, unite! Some friends and I were discussing how we could live off of free samples and put together the following list. You could survive at LEAST a week on this business. (Might help for that post-college transition I'm looking so forward to!) Let me know if there are link troubles!

FREE MCDONALDS COFFEE (the new fancy kind, latte/mocha/cappucino) every Tuesday until 2pm, apparently. Who Knew?
FREE DIET DR. PEPPER done it. SO good.
FREE GROCERIES okay, you have to sign up...and buy things, technically, but I got $10 in free food from Ralphs this month!
FREE DOMINOS CINNASTIX (enter "sweet" at checkout)
FREE CINNABON BITES at any store on April 15 (Tax Day)
Also rumored for Tax Day treats are Chipotle and TGIFridays, but don't quote me.
FREE PRETZELMAKER PRETZEL at any store on April 26 (National Pretzel Day?)
FREE QDOBA with email signup
FREE CHILIS queso dip (loooooove.) with email signup
FREE COLDSTONE CREAMERY on your birthday (sign up for the "birthday club" in-store)
FREE SAMPLES at any Costco. Don't pretend you haven't thought about it.

Now, let's not even talk calories.
Mmmm...I'm just going to go ahead and gain 20 pounds. Deal?