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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Round Table

Today in class we went around the room to discuss what we were doing after college. Clearly not everyone had a job lined up but most people were able to give a pretty solid plan for their future. Normally in these kinds of round table situations I just wait my turn before I even start to think about what to say - I'm better "on the fly." But today, I realized if I did that I would have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO SAY. So I began to come up with lies...such as:

1. I joined the Peace Corps (I also imagined that this would be followed by awed, amazed, and respectful stares from my fellow classmates)
2. I got into Stanford (for what I don't know...but it sounds good)
3. I'm taking a year off and living abroad in Italy...(with no plans...but somehow saying you have no plans but are moving to a foreign country sounds exotic and adventuresome when doing the same thing in America sounds lazy and sucky)
4. I have a job at a place that I cannot say the name of for security reasons

But then, when it was my turn all of those things escaped me...and I was left with nothing but the sad truth...which is that I decided two months ago that I didn't want to actually be a news anchor.
P.S. My major is broadcast news. WHOOPS.

This announcement was met with silence and looks filled with pity and terror for my future.