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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I have been avoiding a certain conversation with my dad for months now. The end result of this conversation could potentially make or break me, offer me a wide variety of opportunities, save me from wanting to kill my mom, save me from wanting to kill myself...essentially, important.

The big question? WHO is paying for May's rent?!...My aunt and uncle pay my rent for me while I'm in school (long and beautiful story that must be saved for another day)...which means summer months are my responsibility. I graduate on May 2nd so TECHNICALLY, May should count as a school month, right? Yeah - I was unsure as well.

Here's the breakdown:
Rent: $1100
Money currently in my bank account: $238
Money needed: $862
Jobs avail after May 2nd: zero.
Monthly income after May 2nd: $0

So...I finally sucked it up and asked...aaand...rent is covered for May!
ONE MORE MONTH OF RENT FREEDOM...this allows me to stay in California to search for jobs so that I can ACTUALLY pay rent.

Avoiding responsibility one day at a time,